Enjoying a nice Sunday Hike to the Waterfalls in the Topanga Canyon area.

I went on a great hike Sunday with my Neighbor. It's been almost a decade since I've done a hike for enjoyment that wasn't a run, some extreme exercise, or a military hump. This was much needed, and it felt as though my mind was again calibrated back to its true north. Also, I had a pretty refreshing Coca Cola, and pizza (been almost 2 years), so I felt the need to balance it all out with great activity.

It's easy to fall off of a path without realizing you are... everything is done in space and time. Often, it's not until we are nearing an end point that we become aware of our situation.. and the time lost.

Consistency can be a slow and mentally painful killer. Especially if that consistency isn't done with purpose or intention. If it's just a daily need for sustainment and survival.. no future ambition, no real physical action... just constant consistent repetitive days... It destroys you. Oddly enough, many people find solace in these routines. They would rather live with the satisfaction of knowing they are doing just enough to see the next day. There is nothing wrong with thinking this way, and I realize that many people do. I also realize there are those who feel they can be more, do more.. and create a greater impact towards their lives. Those who want to become better and realize the best version of themselves in this life.

I'm talking to you. Because I've finally come to the realization that not everyone is meant to become a champion. Not everyone was made strong enough to handle the stress, anxiety, depression, and loss that we will ALWAYS go through. Many people are just not made that way. Not everyone will be strong enough to take the actions needed for that type of change. To welcome pain and oncoming hardships with excitement in a way that you've made it an opportunity... to develop that type of perception needs ALL of a person's heart, ALL of a person's MIND, and ALL of a person's strength. To ask for anyone to focus that much energy on themselves, in an age where everything and everyone is co-dependent on something... to think that something like that exists is unimaginable. But if you can, imagine the transformation.

This site isn't just about physical transformations and bodybuilding, that's simply a reward for the most important progress you've made, which is the ability to think, believe, and act with steady accountability. Realizing just how much power and control we create through thought and action is astounding, even more so when we realize ourselves living out those thoughts, it only creates more power in self control and furthers development. Whether your personal goal is body, finance, emotional, or career related... all actions needed to improve on any of these areas stems from one. Sometimes you have to be willing to make the decisions that goes against your better judgement, to take action that is not at the moment pleasurable or instantaneously rewarded. You have to learn to see a long path ahead and envision the opportunity and progress it offers through the potential (very likely) struggle.

I can honestly say that for myself everyday is a challenge. To continue working steadfast towards my dreams, taking care of my body and maintaining a competitive spirit and action to keep myself afloat and with a constant creative and positive outlook. Tenacity and Will are powerful tools. It's knowing our minds may not always have our best interest at heart or understand what it may be... So even if you want something bad enough in your heart, you need to train your mind to want it even more, or vice versa. It's rare that both are ever immediately on the same level, or we would have many more success stories across our daily media.