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Another Official Salute to a bodybuilder, athlete, and fellow Californian who managed to completely reverse my 'biased' impression of him. Mr. Olympia Champion Jeremy Buendia. Respectfully, I never actually had a reason to have any type of negative impression of him other than the fact his work ethic caused me to once question my own. (We alphas don't take well to self realization enacted by third party) ;p

I eventually moved past my immaturity and came to respect his progress, views, and methods of handling the constant hate and shade that most champions encounter. He remains humble, but is a definite beast. Our views are similar in that he feel you should "always" remain in shape, year round. He treats this more as a lifestyle, and only competes once a year (guarding his title). He provides useful information and stays active with his fans and followers.

The video below is Dope... it represents his humbleness and passion for the lifestyle/sport, whether it's training, or just providing information to others. Check it out.

"Nick Quintana was this summers winner, he lost a total of 30 pounds while coaching under Jeremy Buendia. He was given the opportunity to either $5,000 cash or a all paid exclusive weekend with Jeremy and his team.

We were excited to find out he chose the weekend with Jeremy as his grand price.

Follow us around as we take you guys throughout his trip, working out, coaching and a little bit of fun of course."