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****Update from the Guru Lui Marco****
Rich Piana is Recovering Well!

A Major FUCK YOU to DDN sports for previously reporting he was deceased due to being brain dead...
the shit these poor and shameful outlets do for views is fucking despicable.

----- Previous News -----

Rich Piana (46), a bodybuilder known for his freakish size and public use of Anabolic steroids was placed in a medically induced coma following an emergency in his California Home. According to authorities and TMZ sources, on Monday Afternoon of August 7th, there was a response to a possible overdose where Rich Piana was found unresponsive. He's been transported to a nearby hospital with no further details of his condition or the exact cause of what happened.

Bodybuilder, actor, and YouTube/Instagram sensation who posts workout videos and daily life blogs for over 2+ million followers and viewers. His fitness accomplishments range from Winning the NPC California, and most noteably Mr. California.

Rich Piana was born in Northridge, California... and was a stunt player in Tim Burtons planet of the Apes.

More details on his condition will be updated as it becomes available.