First off, I dislike how Vibe Magazine twisted his words @1:50 and titled their article :

Floyd Mayweather Dedicates McGregor Fight To Black People

Tasteless and poor writing. Although he did speak on the issue, he didn't claim dedication, he simply mentioned his distaste of Conors choice of words, and his response is "The same way he called us monkeys, we're going to see if he see's that come August 26th" - Come vibe, don't reel us in with that bullshit.

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He stated he'll come after McGregor this fight, no running around, no evanding. He went on to say that everytime McGregor won, he was on his feet, and that this fight cannot be a defensive fight. He states that he has to go to McGregor in order to win. He said he knows his fans was not pleased with the Pacquiao fight, but they WILL be pleased with this fight.

Watch the rest of the video below to hear what Floyd had to say.