Before you read, let me get one thing clear. I support anyone who decides to move away from meat consumption and enter into an alternative way of living and eating. I myself, am not a vegan, although many of my meals have offered less meat and dairy.. not because I feel that consuming animal products are immoral, but the avenue to acquire properly raised products are becoming less available. I also recognize that many third world countries and societies do not, and will not have access to the variety of choices many of us have, and with the current rising agenda of Veganism and the levels of hate and visual violence used to demonize meat-eaters, many of these entire cultures and societies in-turn will become 'further' demonized because of their habits due to the current approaches of these Vegans, which is a concern I have.

I myself am growing pretty tired and annoyed at the Vegan agenda/approach. Using slaughter and visual gore to persuade viewers to commit to a lifestyle that would be set to rake in even more $$$ than the entire meat industry. Not highlighting the true issue, which involves the production and distribution of meat, not the consumption. As many societies and civilizations history is built on land living, hunting and gathering. It wasn't until broader methods of creation, supply and production were introduced in an effort to expand profits and shelf-life that this wave of plant-warriors were injected into the system.

Where did it began? The wealthy and Rich white people who were easily turned by well targeted documentaries exploring a very one-sided approach at a much more complex system. As many of the most hardcore environmentalists stems from countries like Brazil, and other poor south African countries who have been fighting, protesting, and dying for the environment long before the Wealthy Caucasians turned it into a strategic-gore and slaughter filled system of documentaries, violence, shaming, and tarring anyone who refuses to accept this very expensive way of living. Not to mention these freedom fighters were meat-eaters as well, understanding the problem at it's root. Which again, was the production and distribution, which not only affected the livestock and health of consumers, but the environment as well. The Vegan agenda somehow took the focus off of the system, yet kept all the best parts to use as partial facts.

The Real Problem - Factory Farming: Misery for Animals | PETA

"In the food industry, piglets’ tails and testicles are cut off without painkillers, chickens’ and turkeys’ throats are slit while they’re still conscious, and cows are repeatedly impregnated and separated from their babies so that humans can drink their milk instead."

Why do many Vegans use fear and death of animals instead of science and fact? Surely it would be easy to convince ANYONE to displace themselves from the meat-industry and accept their alternative lifestyle? This is because they are unable to fully use logic and rationale in many of these documentaries without letting the real problem become highlighted. So replacing gaps of information with visual depictions of baseless slaughters, followed by a series of partial truths, add a little over-glamorization... the problem no longer becomes the system... but the meat-eaters themselves. So we become made to believe that our issues are not from the production, the experimentation, or often immoral practices of the meat industry, but simply the consumers. Then we become shamed, humiliated, and exploited to create fear through our choice of living

It's become so forceful that even businesses and consumers who commit to only dealing with farm raised products, and going out of their way to ensure the foods they consume and distribute meet our standards of morality and health are still tarred and shamed...

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"Consuming meat, eggs, and dairy foods supports some of the worst violence on Earth" - PETA ---

Again, another partial truth twisted in a way that the blame is directly on the consumer/meat eater.. It doesn't state that this 'violence' is simply the improper and inhumane practices used by the meat factories in production... No, it's indirectly stating that meat eaters are prone to violence, and are dangerous.