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    Summer '17 Accountability Log

    Current Weight: 196lbs
    Gender: Male
    Age Range: 35-39 years
    Describe Your Goal: To be a great representation of my brand, and myself. Building my body slow and naturally.
    Progress Updates: Daily
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    The Ripped Effect | Sculpting Challenge.

    Sunday, August 6th.
    Approx time : 1hr40min
    Focus : Upper Body

    10min cardio (High Intensity Intervals)

    • 27lb front(6), Side(6), Oblique(6) Lateral Dumbbell Lifts | 2 Sets of 6ea
    • 25lb DB Curls: Hammer(5), Hammer Twist(5), Cross Chest Sngl(5), Cross Chest Double(5), Lateral(5) | 2 sets of 5ea
    • Suitcases; 70lbs, 25 ea side
    • 25lb Hammer Curls (front body placement, lift from front of thighs to chin at slow counts | 2 sets of 10 *3sec slow drop last set
    • Suitcases; 70lbs, 25 ea side x2 sets
    • Seated Hammer Pulldowns; 150x12, 165x12, 180x10, 210x8 Closegrip wide bar reverse grab > 2nd set; 135x12, 150x10, 165x8
    • Seated/Standing Shrugs; 225lbs 15seated 15standing | 2 sets
    • Iso-Lateral Bench Press Sngl+DBL; 180lb, 1set 7ea(21), 2set 5ea(15) | repeat with 90lbs for 15reps (45) *slow press|contractions
    • Rope Pulldowns | 4 sets of 15 @120lbs
    • Overhead Rope Pulldowns | 2 sets of 12 @120lbs
    • Decline Crunches 25 regular + 25 w/45lb plate *20 second break* 15 with 45lb plate *20 sec break* 15 oblique twist (twisting while slowly falling back and while raising up), 10 side obliques w/45lb plate *20 sec break* 10 slow (5second count) divebacks with arms extended.

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    Monday, August 7th.
    Approx time : 1hr20min
    Focus : Legs *Pt 1*

    Seated Calves
    135lbs; 3 sets for 25 reps
    160lbs; 2 sets for 25 reps
    180lbs; 2 sets for 20 reps
    200lbs; 2 sets for 15 reps

    Squats ( Free Sqaut)
    225; *Warm Up* 20 reps
    315; 2 sets for 10 reps
    385; 2 sets for 10 reps
    405; 2 sets for 8 reps
    315; 2 sets for 10 reps
    225; 2 sets for 15 reps

    *Note* In between every set of squats I perform 10 reps of wide grip deadman hang pullups at a slow pace.

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    Tuesday, August 8th.
    Approx time : 1hr20min
    Focus : Chest - Triceps

    Flat Bench
    135lbs - 1 set of 25 reps
    205lbs - 5 sets of 10 reps
    225lbs - 5 sets of 7 reps

    *Note* In between EVERY set of Flat Bench, I perform a variation of floor pushups focusing on form. These are usually completed immediately after my bench set, and I return to my next bench set approx 40 seconds after I complete the pushups* I do an average count of 12-15 slow count pushups. Variations use Dumbbells, Wide Grip, Ace grip, etc... to ensure I am targeting different muscle groups.

    Multi-Grip Hammer Row (Single Arm)
    270lbs; Grip One for 10reps ea
    270lbs; Grip Two for 10reps ea
    270lbs; Grip Three for 10reps ea

    Multi-Grip Hammer Row (Both Grips)
    270lbs; Grip One for 10reps ea
    270lbs; Grip Two for 10reps ea
    270lbs; Grip Three for 10reps ea

    Multi-Grip Hammer Row (Single Grip)
    320lbs; Grip One for 10reps ea
    320lbs; Grip Two for 10reps ea

    Multi-Grip Hammer Row (Both Grips)
    320lbs; Grip Two for 10reps ea
    320lbs; Grip Three for 10reps ea

    Multi-Grip Hammer Row (Both Grips)
    180lbs; Grip One for 15reps ea
    180lbs; Grip Two for 15reps ea
    180lbs; Grip Three for 15reps ea

    ** I ended with an additional 30 minutes of light DB lateral raises utilizing the 22.5lb DB's, Some Varied Light DB Curls, a moderately heavier set of dumbbell curls, a few single arm over the head shoulder press (single arm w/50lb dumb), for about an additional 3 sets, and closed out with Suitcases for my sides/obliques.

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    Wednesday, August 9th.

    Taking a much needed rest day, A full week of training last week, and these last few days have been a muthaphucka , all great of course, but rest is required and at this point demanded. So we pick back up tomorrow.

    Netflix and chill it is for today.

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    Sunday Aug 13th - Monday Aug 14th

    Excuse my very cryptic logging lol. I don't really enjoy writing down what I'm doing, but I know helps to keep me accountable, so I tend to entry as efficiently as possible to save time for my workouts (the most important of course)..

    Week of 8.14 Entries
    Prep Breakfast : Egg Whites 25g 1/2 Protein shake

    Prep Lunch : Chicken Dumplings 1/2 Protein shake
    Prep Main : Baked Salmon and Stir Fry

    Apples, Bananas, Rice Cakes, Almond Butter & Organic Brown Rice cakes to snack on throughout the day.

    Sunday 8.13

    Hammer seated bicep
    double; 135lb 7reps 4sets 150lbs 6reps 4 sets
    singles; 4sets 5reps 90lbs | 4sets 10r 90lbs

    Hammer pull-down
    4sets 165,180,195,210lb for 10,10,10,6/7 reps

    Rope triceps pull down (spread)
    4sets of 30 80lbs
    Curl bar pull-down
    150lbs 12, 160lbs 12, 180lbs 12
    180lbs 10, 200lbs 6

    5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5 wide grip pull ups (sets of 5 to 50) 15sec rest.

    Sngl arm dB presses
    65lb 3so7

    Side, Oblique, Front laterals to Sngl arm dB press
    17.5lb 7,7,7 to 55lb 7,7 (3sets)

    Hammer dB curls
    35lbs 4sets of 10

    80lbs 15ea side 7 sets ea.

    Decline crunches
    60 w/45lb plate
    25 oblique twists

    Monday | Part 1. 8.14
    Seated free motion shoulder press
    50lbs singles 20ea 3sets

    Cable straight bar bicep curls

    DB lateral variations
    20 to 25lbs

    DB curls 32.50lbs

    Monday | Part 2 8.14
    (yeah, didn't feel like noting every set, because I got a little creative with my sets this time around. A lot of progressive overloading.

    Seated Chest Press
    Seated Shrugs 2 Standing Shrugs
    Pushup Variations
    Flat Bench Flys to Presses
    Front, Oblique, Side Lateral Raises
    Cables (High Chest Press)
    Cables (Mid Chest Press)
    Cables (Low Chest Press

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     5 Days Ago #109 

    Hey ya'll, I've been slipping lol.. I'll update this later today. #BeenGRIIINNNDING