It's been a hectic week... who knew going after what you want most in life would be so complicated and full of arduous paths. Arduous... I like that word. But seriously, this LA living definitely isn't for just anyone. LA (well, Southern California...) is a place that attracts people of all types and talents, everyone searching for their golden ticket.. their piece of recognition and high steps to fame, stardom, wealth, or all three. Yet very few even see a glimpse of this lifestyle. People wearing masks and starring in their very own facade parades... many are fighting for something they do not quite understand, and falling into depression and anxiety because they'll never reach a fantasy this beautiful coast allows us to perceive.

The key is to find the simplicity, embrace... fall in love with it. Place your foundation and build from there as if nothing else exists. Because if nothing else exists, this life... and all that it brings is the responsibility of you and no one else. We often fall into this cycle of allowing others to place borders on how much we can do, or how far we able to go. We allow society to tell us that we cannot think on our own.. so we look for validity through others, stripping ourselves of any ability to break into our own world and create it (and re-create it) as we see fit.

This website is my passion, because it's more than just fitness vlogs, bodybuilding, and talking about meal prep. It's about how we live our lives and how we think. How we feel about ourselves, and how we feel about others.

Like I said, it's been a hectic week... but a productive one, which is all that matters at this point. Forward growth and nothing less. Not being deterred by the lack (or presence) of anyone but myself, and becoming my own Champion to my future.

I had an amazing gym session tonight. Who am I kidding, it's been great sessions since Sunday. I went back up a few pounds in weight, but overall my form is looking much better still. It was supposed to be an Off day, but no day is really ever an Off Day. I'm considering an online Classic Physique competition hosted by a YouTuber that goes by #Nicks Strength and Power, with entries due by September 1st. The contest consists of a series of classic physique poses, which is great... you can't be rocking a bubble bubble gut doing a classic Crucifix or Vacuum attempt lmao. I'll likely start an official cut next week to see where I am. If I do okay here, my next move is to step on stage.

I'll get my training log up tomorrow to start inputting my daily routines, meals, and training. Hoping others can find motivation in my movements.

Goodnight, folks. In the meantime, Stay #Official.

Tomorrow (or in my case, the next 20 minutes) Is PUMP DAY! WOOT WOOT!

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