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Walking through Westwood Park during my lunch hour, there were two obviously noticeable changes that happened. The lack of the displaced homeless who often settles along the walking path and underneath the trees surrounding the park. Even before these changes the park itself was still a great area to relax, walk, run, take a your children (a great play area), or use the worn out but still hanging in there pullup and dip bar (we became very acquainted). ParkProudLA has been renovating the area, which is great news as it now offers an amazing Park Circuit course, all set up in a way that makes running outdoor bootcamps and training sessions exciting. Aside from the addition of body-weight machines (they also come with tension knobs),
and newer bars... will be a large dog-park, and an added play area for children with what I call a "next-level" boomerang swing. Reminds me of something I'd see at a state carnival.

LA is added to the growing list of cities and communities offering these types of public services to their residents. As obesity, and health issues rise in the United States, many people are realizing the fight does not simply start and end with the individual, but the combined effort of everyone to create an environment that encourages healthier lifestyle habits.

Be sure to stop by Westwood park in LA off of Sepulveda Blvd and check out the changes. You can also expect to see me there running some incredible outdoor workout series. Much respect to the City of Los Angeles, ParkProudLa, and all of my lifestyle fitness enthusiasts.

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