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Brandon Vasquez, Representing Pumpchasers

Below is definitely a great way to change up your cardio routine and help that 30 or 45 minute cardio session just breeze by. Cardio can often feel boring and pretty monotonous. After repeatedly performing the same routine the body doesn't burn as much calories and requires a little excitement to reactivate dormant muscles. Try the 3 phase routine below offered up by Chris Jones of Pumpchasers. I added a 4th option for the Official Warriors. This can also be performed outside as well to provide additional variation.

I personally feel 30-45min of cardio is INSANE, well for those who still manage to workout for an additional 1 to 2 hrs AND have a decent diet to begin with. I use active cardio as a way to control my chubby cheeks keeping a square jaw line, and manage my calories if I had an off day/week.

Chris Jones is one of the realest. Very straightforward, no BS no glitz approach to his videos.
This video he shows his routine for cardio. Using the treadmill in 3 phases.

Phase 1.
Use an Incline, preferably 3 to 4.0 elevation for the best glute activation
3.0 speed 3.0 incline and walk for one minute

Phase 2.
Raise speed to 4.2 (jog for one minute)

Phase 3.
Run at fast speed (not sprint) for one minute
Incline 3, speed 7.0

Keep chest out, chin up and ensure to breathe.

Repeat the above steps 1 through 3 until you reach your desired time, or desired number of calories burned.


Phase 4.
Immediately after Phase 3, raise the incline 2-3 levels higher, and proceed to power walk for one minute at a speed of 3.5 to 4.0 (if adding in phase 4, add an additional minute on two phase one, and 15 seconds onto phase 3.