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When looking for a feature to represent what RUOfficial? stands for, it takes more than surfing through the countless streams of social media influencers, models, entrepreneurs, and other surges of talent we often see by way of their large following. Many of us want to emulate their footprint, while most of us are striving to create our own. So we seek those who represent our ideals... and gain the motivation, courage, and insight to do just that.

"Vlogging via IG (instagram) stories is where it's at...
it has to do with Transparency"
- Sadie

That's who I look for. The next influencer... those who move in this lifestyle for their overall growth benefit. Passionate and driven, but humbled and thankful while being well on their way to further defining what this lifestyle is all about.

I came across Sadie while checking up on one of the lifestyle vloggers I frequent, Connor Murphy. Which already posed a great opportunity for the emerging pro bikini model as Connor's audience and overall visibility is well in the millions. Like any other 'curious' wonderer of "who the hell is this?" I did some digging...

The Video [Posted Feb 2017, 600k views]

Make sure to follow her instagram, DOPE stories.
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#TheRealSlimSadie, "Bikini Champ Living With a Thyroid Disorder"
(and Music Junkie)

Interesting... So I did what I usually do, I started from the bottom... I wanted to see what her life was really like, ...and I saw an incredible transformation. A motivated young woman with no filter placed over her personality to misrepresent herself. Sadie recently won her NPC Collegiate Bikini show, and is a Nationally Qualified Pro Bikini Model. Propaah congrats.

The NPC Fitness and figure competition is a class of physique-exhibition events for women. While bearing a close resemblance to female bodybuilding, its emphasis is on muscle definition, not size.

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Taking a look through your social media history, nothing in your past seems to indicate this would be something you'd progress towards, what caused the change?

I would say being featured in Connor Murphy's YouTube video was the catalyst. It gave me an audience that I didn't have before, and I was finally forced to really step out of my comfort zone and share more of my life on social media.

Your legs are impressive!! What is your favorite routine(s) for improve size and form of your glutes?

Thank you! Hip thrusts are a go-to as well as cable kickbacks, but my big secret is that I go through the movement as slowly as I can possibly handle. You'll never see me lifting the heaviest weight.

How much does your thyroid condition affect your diet/mood/training during prep?

It's actually really hard decipher what is causing a "mood" during prep because it could easily be the low carbs or the thyroid. I do have to change my diet accordingly though. I'm not allowed to eat any soy products as well as a lot of veggies that are believed to trigger thyroid problems.

Do you personally believe that some people simple just don't "have the time" to better themselves due to work and life issues? Or do you feel that everyone is capable?

For the most part, I think absolutely anyone is capable. Using time as an excuse simply means you're not making whatever you don't have time for a priority. If you really want to change yourself you have to prioritize your life accordingly, and this means making sacrifices. For me, I sacrifice my social life so I can get everything else done.

Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin
Recieved honors, with a 3.87 GPA
No.1 Accounting Program in the country.

Do you have any other current or future interests in the fitness industry outside of competing?

Competing was never meant to be more than a one time thing for me, so I'm honestly shocked that I'm going to be competing in my 5th show soon. I started competing so I could get in the best shape of my life and start putting together a portfolio for modeling. I guess you could say fitness modeling is where my interests lie outside of competing.

Interesting side note: Sadie is an Accounting Major at the University of Austin.
What does it mean when you hear the term "Fitness Lifestyle"

Living a fitness lifestyle means doing whatever activities that you enjoy doing, like lifting, crossfit, yoga, etc. Find something that you love to do and do that. Eat healthy but don't let it consume your life. Competing is an extreme, and I don't think anyone should use competitors as the standard for a fitness lifestyle.

I agree. It definitely should not be a standard of the lifestyle. Living fit and healthy involves incorporating all parts of your life comfortably. Competitions often involve measures of training and dieting not suitable for someone just looking for a healthy outlet. I applaud you for expressing that via your stories, videos, and images. Goodcluck in your accounting degree AND personal health and fitness goals!

Last but not least, I have to ask!!! RUOfficial?

I think so?? Lol. If I'm not official yet, I will be soon!