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Seriously, it's rather annoying.

I have this, I have that... my family has this... I look like this because of that... that won't help because of this... etc.. etc.. etc...

You know what? SHADDDDDDUP!

I get that there is a VERY VERY VERY small percentage of people who DO actually have REAL issues stopping them from obtaining the body they want.
but for everyone else, to be honest.. you're just being a lazy little shit who likely expects to see some grand transformation after your first bite of broccoli.

The average obese person is typically caught off guard by their obesity... they never saw it coming, it snuck on up them like the donut ninja of the night swinging on a rope of cherry red vines.

In all seriousness (for real this time) If your daily movements, routines, etc.. are pretty consistent (i.e., your only exercise is the walk to and from the fridge, to the couch... and your usual daily steps... but your eating habits are all over the place, then it only makes sense that you'll gradually begin to develop the "unfavorables" over a period of time.

Hmmm, how can I say this another way?
If you are eating on a level of 50... yet your physical exercise is at a level of 40... then every month your adding negative -10 to your body. See what I'm saying? This obviously isn't as simple as that, because even if your eating at a level of 30, but your physical exercise/exertion is at a level of 60.. the type of foods you are eating (fats, sugars, sodium, etc) can easily make what appears to be a 30, a 90 in theory, so even with the added exercise, you're still seeing -30 every month...

Some people claim they don't eat at all, but still gain weight.. They are likely immobile, and when they do eat it does not consist of healthy foods, so the body stores it rather than breaks it down for the energy and nutrients, thus further adding on to their size and weight. The number one issue many people face in losing or gaining weight typically boils down to their individual choices and habits. I have yet to see someone (aside from the SERIOUS cases, which are very few and far between) have a problem losing weight when it ACTUALLY doing it the right way, and sticking to it! Most people are just simply lying to themselves.

It's frustrating. Errr.