Holy shit! Steroids are a helluva drug.....

I've never been a fan of female bodybuilders, though I realize it's a "Love or Hate" issue with rarely an in-between... but I must say in her prime she was (still ridiculously over-sized and formed), but she somehow carried a sensible appeal to her. Her glutes were pretty impressive and she was known to be one of the most attractive girls in that particular sport (where attraction is difficult to come by).

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Back in her prime, she was featured everywhere. A 'kind of' blonde bombshell with a strong figure while still maintaining 'some degree' of femine asset (aka Dat ass)

So one has to wonder... she was 'obviously' sauteing the hell out of that Anabolic chicken... how much though?

Well... let's fast forward a few years later.
One can only imagine just how much she has ascended given that steroids provided her with such 'godly gains'.. before right... fuck no.

Down right absurd.
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Shout out to Nicks Strength & Power for bringing this one to my attention.
Check out his vlog covering this Anabolic Overdose.