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Thread: It's Time To Change - RUOfficial?

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    It's Time To Change

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    All you have to do is decide.

    I get it, I can't tell you to change your life. You've spent almost a lifetime making decisions, and taking action, and choices that has led you here. Most don't understand why they are where they are in life... for the rest of you, you do... and it can be a painful thought.

    I know how you feel. How deep you've buried the spark... the one that tells you you're only a day behind... a choice away, or a step from changing it all. Because In your mind, it's been years of poor choices and decisions (or situations you feel that laid outside of your control that has gradually led you to this place... the stress and anxiety you've experienced, and the failures you've let weaken your spirit won't allow you to believe it is (and always was) as simple as a thought.


    Growth is spontaneous, it happens by itself, it happens because it has to, it happens because it must, your problem is that you believe you have to design it, you believe you have to prepare it... but the truth is... all you have to do is MOVE, all you have to do is ACT... act on that feeling, that sense... ACTION is what it takes to grow.

    Everyday you awake brings forth new opportunities to make new decisions.. to be a better person, to see a different sky... To live to your fullest potential, and learn to embrace all seasons of life.

    Learning how to prevent and protect ourselves from being affected by external contagions as we move forward with self progression. The contagions of emotions, environment, situation, and loss... The contagions of history, and a past that can feel like a physical harness that pulls every element of you away from achieving new ways of thinking.


    "Growth is change, and change is the one thing that terrifies as much as it excites.. it's the one thing that is hoped for as much as it's despised, it's the one thing that people ask for, and in the same breath reject, change is inevitable, change is terrifying, but change is all there is...."

    This goes far beyond a physical transformation. It's about learning to re-calibrate our senses and readjusting our perception of who we are to ourselves. Not defining ourselves to a period of life, but recognizing our ability to transform using that experience as a ladder, not as a hole where we continually fall victim of situation.

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    very powerful video! I just began listening to these types of videos also, its motivating and constantly helps you to continue thinking ahead