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Even I slept on the extensive rehabilitative pros of yoga. It wasn't until I gave in and decided it wasn't just for pansies that I became enlightened of how seriously amazing the routines are. From the outside looking in, it looks like a basic series of advanced stretching. But let me tell you, it's sooooooo much more than that. It's an inner connection, and organic recalibration of the body and mind. It allows for a better structure and development of the body, activation of the many dormant muscles and tendons that are overseen throughout our consistent daily routines. The rehab is only one incentive... for the true Aesthetician of transformation, we recognize the need to utilize all areas of our body to create a complete and synchronous package. Yoga supports the advancement of those aesthetics and visibility of muscle groups not gained in a standard gym or basic home workout.

It's not just some sexy floor poses and a way to see "dat ass" It's serious shit, and highly beneficial if approached in that manner. Much in the same way many professional football players recognized the benefits of balle and/or barre workouts; the health and advanced performance benefits were too obvious not to take full advantage of.

So if you've been considering YOGA, do it! It's an actual workout for the inner workings of your system while reconditioning your joints, tendons, and overall better kinesiology of your body.