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It's hump day. Yet I sit here with an early Monday Morning feel. 4 days into 2017 and I'm already evaluating how my year is turning out. So far it's okay. Though I'm not naive, and given the recent history of events of self and society I realize I'm likely just sitting inside of the calm, so I'd best prepare myself for ...'something'. Too much has happened in 2016 for me. An avalanche of emotions, anger, and truth came pouring in. As if the fails of society wasn't enough to juggle as it was. I learned even more of the capabilities and value of people, as well as recognizing my own value in the eyes of many. It's too much to reflect on, too much loss to look back without feeling reserved in the past again. So this hump day marks my first completed hump, of the now 51 remaining this year.

I'm 36 years old, and for some reason I am finally realizing what the term "Live In The Moment" really means. Obviously I've heard it a million times over and have said the very same phrase to countless of my friends. But what does it really mean to "Live In The Moment". Most people would say it means to take risks, let your guard down, experience more. Which is exactly the way I use to interpret it. But as I sit here writing this, I recognize I'm living in a moment right now, one in which I failed to see because of the way I accustomed myself to viewing my environment through years of routine and daily consistencies. Recognizing I walk in my own space, and my happiness is based upon my ability to accept and love each instance of my life. To use my senses to love, and not destroy or they will become viruses to my own advancement.

Accept what I cannot, and change what I can... Life can actually be this simple. It's the extensions that we place importance on that distracts us from the root...

Noise is everywhere. The noise of social media, the noise of lust and desire, the noise of material wealth and power... and we reside in the middle of this all. It easy to begin gauging your importance against false ideas when you allow yourself to become carried by them. It's even faster to lose yourself, because these ideas change in mass, causing people to become lost and further removed from their own identities to the point that attempting to keep up with the idea of what or who you should be is your lifes journey. Feeling that once you reach this point the feeling of stress, anxiety, or inadequacy will be removed. Not realizing it's this very same thinking and actions that keeps it living inside of you.

We are allowed to be angry, to cry... to have our moments of weakness. To feel sad. It is okay to be alone... We are allowed to feel lost at times, because without these feelings we will never understand ourselves. We just need to recognize the NEED so we can better handle the feelings when they arise. When we act as if it's unnatural, our reactions become unnatural, then our thinking, then our emotions, then our entire perspective... until the negativity and depression becomes us and we have convinced ourselves we are not capable of loving or being loved, we feel imprisoned to a situation because of our own fear or self-hate... we feel as though we are simply existing in time. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I wrote an article, : The Climb Out: At Rock Bottom, And Stones Are Still Falling. that goes a little more into accepting what is, and using NOW to move forward... because looking back keeps you there in some form of consciousness, and looking forward slows you down by re-questioning how you currently live. Living now disconnects you from the cycle and places all emphasis on YOU, what is in front of you, and a better frame of mind to handle the various feelings you encounter without feeling taken-over and defeated by things of your own fruition.

4 Days into 2017. My only advice is to begin paying more attention to the little things again.. Give more credit to your presence and to the now. These are the biggest gifts we have in life. We can all have goals and higher ambitions to race towards, but none of those things are promised to tomorrow... or in the next 10 minutes. If we knew we have an hour to live... imagine how fast everything around you would become instantly beautiful. The feeling of holding something you've had in your hand for years suddenly gets a new texture, you can now fill the quaint chill that was always present tickling your arm hairs. You begin to look people in their eyes again to see their depth... life no longer becomes about tomorrow, or next year... but the very moments you reside in. This is how it should always be.

Happy Hump Day. Keep climbing.