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It's pretty unanimous that 2016 was an all-around horrible year for most people. We've seen enough Violence, Racism, Murder, Hate, and Division of humanity between us to last a few decades. Regardless of where your individual level of comfort in society was, to say your mentality was not in some part greatly affected by the series of occurrences would be nothing short of amazing, and interesting.

A nonstop barrage of; murder, disregard of civil liberties, foreign and domestic terrorism, political scandals, high profile deaths (though I'd like to say :death: in general), protests, and more protests, and more protests. It just wouldn't stop. Adding in the fact of the already struggling pains many are facing in simply keeping up in their own lives, 2016 may very well be the most depressing year of this decade. More pain and emotion were seen on a global scale in 2016 than all of 2001-2015 combined. One thing I would like to note is that 2016 was also the year that many Americans began to take notice of and question many 'truths' of our society, many of these questions and realizations fell on deaf ears due to the almost controlled consistency and saturation of media and propaganda in the years events.

We saw a 'kind-of' Presidential election materialize right before our eyes with little to no initial consideration made by the American People. Yet one that greatly divided and unearthed a very dark side of our country that's been blanketed for many years. We didn't have adequate time to react, reflect, feel, and communicate on many issues that came before us... we were being desensitized at an accelerated rate without realizing it. We were being accustomed to daily issues of human rights violations, murder via a controlling-authority, it was becoming normal to see homes and children destroyed and displaced due to government conflicts. It became normal to have a malfunctioning government that uses the two party-system of push-pull and blame to avoid, distract, and deter from ever handling their citizens most dire concerns.

We are slowly seeing the death of empathy, leadership thought, and creativity in our nation as citizens are now addicted to the dopamine effects provided via technology and social media. Spending even more countless hours in a void of repetitive motions that further removes them from the real world. We have grown accustomed to filtering our lives and throwing a 'taboo' label on showings of realness and sincerity, where they are shown they're glorified in a means to only highlight the already growing cries for attention further minimizing the efforts of the few fighting to maintain some thread of humanity.

We have become an instantaneous people. We have lost our ability to build through the spoils of access (or the perception of). Relationships are juggled as our minds are split between parallel lives and the stresses of being as available as the materials thrown upon us. Our lives are based on mirroring strangers, our communication is not's unjustifiable cries of attention to be seen and recognized... which removes us from the creative spaces of our own and into the hype of what we are being taught to value.

We blame our own generations, our very blood and youth, and not the system they have been born into and the society that restricts us from being adequate teachers. Leaders are being haunted, scholars are being silenced. Love has been replaced with fear. The idea of fighting has been made to weaken our spirit, so we loosened our own chains that unites us, and lost the ability of struggling to reach a higher purpose. Our past is avoided, our future is a structured elitist game. We are now made to see one another as meaningless in our destinies and look to false realities to lead us. The very hierarchy that governs us is dissected, drowning in crime, they play racquetball with human interest, and we continue to wear their colors (blue and red) and fight among them like Roman Games as they all sit in the high arenas unphased by the tyranny and destruction of the lower foundations.

We act as though 2017 is a door that cleanses our memories of those we lost. We aspire to be NEW, when the world we reside is dying by the day. We can't look at our neighbors the same, many of us cannot look at them at all, we can't love without concern and can't see without distortion. We fear truth for its journey through pain and accept deceit for its outward pleasure.

I see the subtle changes... friends don't communicate. They don't share experiences and stories, we share MEME's, where even mass recognition does nothing for our development, only everything for an ego and addictive shot of "existence".

What of the coming generation? Born into a resurfaced hate, a media that controls every angle of their mind? A society that gives no credit to the humanitarian, A Legal system that has become a satire among what we were educated to believe? Who will we blame then?