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When you look for confirmation of yourself through others you are setting yourself on a path of depression, anxiety, and continued loss... Regardless of how amazing the rewards of providing and giving to others may feel... Even they may not be aware that it's not you they want, at least not until your pain comes to surface... and when you need the strength of them most, that's when you realize exactly who you have always been, support. Nothing less and nothing more. This realization is crushing. It leaves you feeling lost, angry, and confused. In desperation to resolve the feeling you now endure day and night you often attempt to re-kindle the very relationships with people that started it all.

"When a Scorpio says, be mine, they mean it (friends or relationships).
When a Scorpio gives their heart, itís usually forever."

Scorpios are deep and passionate about their feelings, they can usually sense when things are wrong, but out of fear of being perceived as aggressive their way of attempting to resolve is often through doing more... giving more and remaining silent and justifying the external behavior they see as some fault of their own. This eventually hit's a ceiling, and the pain seeps through in forms of anger and anxiety. Scorpios are extremely loyal, whereas most are known to maintain some form of distant relationships in the event of a split or fear of inconsistency, Scorpios are the complete opposite. They will withdraw from the world to ensure their focus is well targeted on you. This is why Scorpios are so perceptive of their partners, they are not pulled by different degrees of communication or people. So when a Scorpio losses someone, it can feel like the world has been reset. Rather than build anew, they attempt to fall back into the world they were never really apart of, because it's familiar. This is why people consider Scorpios vengeful.. it's not because of what was necessarily done against them (this is life), it's the realization of their own loss of time and self embarrassment even when the obvious was typically always hinted. The stubbornness won't allow them to see this, because that would mean blame is placed on themselves...

A Scorpios stubbornness can be their greatest curse. A Scorpio will deny it to themselves when they are being used or played, and will continue to seek a resolve even when the obvious reality is playing right before them, or they may just refuse to believe that their strongest desire is no longer within their control. They begin to enlarge minor faults of their own to justify the major acts of betrayal against them. This helps them to believe that what they are doing is right.

The positive side of this? A Scorpio becomes a constant rising phoenix if they allow themselves to face their own realities, and understand their own strengths, weaknesses and susceptibilities to people, and the impact external forces have on their human mind. For this to happen, they must revert to their introvert nature and face their past, actions done towards, actions done against, and begin to seek higher knowledge of self while remaining perceptive of all surroundings and the effects they carry. Scorpios are the salt of the earth, and according to Hindu astrology The Scorpio people are allied to the great powers of the ocean of this planet. The source of all living things, which means we carry great emotion, as well as a great burden. Recognizing this and absorbing ourselves in the knowledge of the universe provides us with a better understanding and defense of our abilities. The occult wisdom of Scorpio teaches us that we must descend time and time again into the primal (dark) realms as a path to mastery before we can become fully conscious.