I know what it’s like to feel broken… alone. So much so that when you begin to think about it your stomach turns to knots, your breathing gets heavy. You feel hopeless. Everyone appears the same, lost and chasing fading ideas. You love too much and it becomes you until it drowns you while everyone continues to remain afloat above you. You thought by showing the depth of your waters they would dive inside and explore the life beneath… but one after another it was all the same. They all came to ride a beautiful wave until your tides were low again.

I know what it’s like to lose years, to fall lost through lost time… attempting to walk forward strongly with a heart still trying to pull itself backwards… to cry at Midnight, 8pm, 2:47am, 7:20pm, …that one song, that one thought, that small action… I know where you are. You think you’re the only one there, that you created this place, that the only one who can save you is the one who put you there… yet you won’t walk out. I know of your random moments of euphoria, to your depressing lows of anxiety and anger. I see the subtle self-destruction hidden by the public attentive screams of transformation. You think this is different for you, no one understands it, even those who do.

The fear isn’t the loss; it’s the truth that comes from it. A truth we are never willing to face, so most would rather immediately seek another lie to live under or destroy themselves in their own fantasy before accepting it.

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We tell men how to feel, what is strength… we tell women what is beautiful… our entire feelings and reason of being are based on standards of accepted acts. When most of us are alone… truly alone, disconnected from the world and everyone within it those standards no longer apply… this is when we have to see ourselves… a self most will not recognize or understand.

Love Yourself. You ARE Beautiful! Love Yourself. You ARE Powerful! Love Yourself. Create an Aurora around you that ASTOUNDS You!

We are sensitive creatures, easily attached, easily persuaded, suggested, amused, and attracted. We seek out justification and proof of existence through the flaws of others. We let our minds become infected with false reasoning, and too often cast aside the people who would run through a world storm to reach you… to find safety in the one who has never heard it’s thunder. We imagine ourselves in happy situations, demeaning the life we live without becoming the living representation of those moments we see. We all understand the need for pain and sacrifice to reach our blessings, but the ease of avoidance, self-doubt, and the ‘appearance of’ a vast sea of options keeps us from ever taking the time to seed anything real enough to recognize it.

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You are all you have. No one can heal you. No one can make you feel safe. They are only triggers for something you have the ability to transform on your own. You can, and should be your own constant trigger. They may be able to temporarily shield you, screen you, suppress your feelings, but there will always be a resurfacing void until you give your mind what it desires, a total connection. The longer it's avoided, the more fearful you become to making an attempt, and the worse your co-dependency on other factors to keep you feeling balanced and whole becomes.

Open your eyes and walk through the storm, don't fear what's ahead... don't look for someone to be your protector, but embrace it. Accept the strength you receive through it's passing. Know that in the end the person who walks out the other side is the person responsible for bringing your life into a new view. It will either be the person who is too afraid to commit to the struggle of life (and self) required to see it's blessings, and continually live life in a loop of anxiety, pain, stress, depression, poor health, loss, and anger... or a re-awakened spirit with a strong mind, heart, and body who is unaffected by the small pressures that traps so many of us... because you are self-aware, self-inspired, and you recognize the need for the obstacles that may fall in front of you without feeling crippled by them... but excited in the lesson that will come to pass as you move directly through it with true conviction.