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Before... I said 2016 sucked. That was said in jest. This actually may be the best year I've had since I can remember. Comparing how I feel to before is unexplainable. Being in my own company for this long was rough at first (almost 6 months), no phone, bars, lounges, clubs, groups, hell not even a friendly meetup. Just work, my personal development, resolving my past issues before these next steps.. and just listening to (and understanding myself more) I went through all kinds of phases throughout it though: Anxiety, Loneliness, Anger, Emotions, Regret... then repeat those a few more times.

I now see it's like going to workout when you already feel weakened because it's tough to get up knowing you're about to put stress on your body, but you also know that stress is the only way to get to the next level or you'll just plateau further where you're at. BUT if you do go... after it's over there's this dope ass vibe of not just the accomplishment, but the eventual impact you can now expect to receive... It feels like that.

I use to always tell myself "This is it" "I'm starting fresh" "This YEAR is mine" blah blah blah...all on my own deaf ears. It's easy as hell to lie to ourselves because we make our own justifications.

If I want to really be successful.. I have to WORK... HARD. If I really want to have a happy relationship, I have to WORK... HARD. It's the same with my body.. so it had to be the same with my mind. It had to work, and it's still working, hard. I compare myself to no one but me, because there is no one like me.

That's where my mind is. That's what 2016 has brought me. Looking forward to getting back out there and being 'awesome' pretty much ...and as usual. Working with family out here, trying some new things... and having a better perspective.. and hopefully inspiring a few people the way a few others have been and are continuing to inspire me.
- Goodnight Son!

Happy Holidays! Enter the New Year Fresh!!!!!!