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  • Flex Friday | Sandra Bikini Athlete

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    At 51 years of age, Sandra maintains a perfectly appealing balance of muscularity, strength, and femininity. Amazing.

    Can you believe she can actually be even more toned than the below images? After placing lower in her last competition... the judges said was too "conditioned". Taking that advice to mind, she began focusing on pulling back on her conditioning, and adding more depth to her glutes.

    If you happen to walk into the gym and see Wonder Woman flying through the cables, it's probably just Sandra. No... really...

    Honestly, I doubt I've ever comes across someone as uniquely outfitted in the gym as her. It's not standard, yet not eccentric... it's not common, yet not explicit.. it's basically whatever the f**k she wants to wear... and she wears it very well.

    By the looks of the time and work she has put into her fitness and health, her age is nothing more than an indicator of her dedication and experience.

    Is she natural? AS FUCK. Excuse my language, but I get personal in matters of self growth... (self growth) not scientifically assisted growth.

    While the social media world goes crazy over Gym Shark and Live Fit models spewing out booty workouts to last through an apocalypse, (all in the name of over priced clothing)... Sandra looks ready to take on either a Zombie Apocalypse, or any random day at the beach.

    Or anywhere else for the matter.

    So it's a definite pleasure listing Sandra as this months Most Official Flex Friday. Definitely check out her instagram! Amazing form, unique clothing, and a consistently that is 'almost' as on point as mine ;-)